Ugandan PornErotic StoriesKuma Tamu ya Uganda

Kuma Tamu ya Uganda

Cheki sory moto ya kuma tamu ya Uganda porn hapa.

Wadau! Mshawahi jiuliza hawa farm workers hushinda kwa farms huku Uganda hutombwa saa ngapi? Well, she is working at a banana farm the whole day and in the evening she plays her motherly roles but… Hapo kwa but ndio focus iko.

“But am too tired for sex and my Ugandan husband finds me unattractive”, that’s what many women working at my banana farm say when I ask about their sexual life.

“What’s thick, curved, and sweet like a banana?” I asked my farm manager that morning. See, am quite daring.

Unashangaa ati kuuliza swali ni daring sasa? I was holding a ripe banana, then let the tip rub her thigh up to her crotch, then pressed a little bit harder on that leso.

She closed her eyes, bit her lower lip then bent her neck backward.

“My dick”, I answered. I had pulled out my dick when her eyes were still shut so when she opened them, I let her see the banana next to my curved dick.

Her fingers trembled when she stretched to touch.

“Nipe shot moja tu, please” I said when her grip on my dick became harder.

Kutomba Kuma Tamu ya Uganda

I let her in my 1bedroom farmhouse and went straight to the bed. I was dripping hard by now and could feel my pre-cum making its way down my thigh.

I undid her leso and lowered her wet panty down her legs then off. She lay on the bed on her back but I wanted to fuck her on the bed’s edge so I slowly pulled her to the edge.

When I held up her legs and spread them wide, her pussy was already dripping too. Ata sikuwa nimeingiza, AKACHUKUA, AKAWEKA, WAAAH!

She was tight, really tight adi nkafeel ni kama hiyo kuma inaninyonga. Boychild ni kupump tu then kuchomoa amwage like all Ugandan ladies do. Rudisha. Pump, pump then toa tena amwage then rudisha.

I felt my curved dick even curve move while my dickhead bulged to a wide mushroom head. I forced myself in one last time nikamwaga yote ndani.

Check out some pretty mamas wa Uganda pale Ona picha ngono zingine hapa.


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