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The Best Black Call Girl Experience While on Holiday on an African Safari

This has to be one if not the best black call girl experience while I was on an African safari holiday.

It all started when I flew to Uganda for a long overdue African safari holiday. One of the things I always wanted to do was hook up with an exotic black call girl who could show me around her country and give me an amazing time.

So I checked out a site I had been recommended to, to find a good Ugandan escort who would take care of me during my trip. The girls are so sexy that I didn’t even need to look any further than the local women to find someone who looked great in her native clothes but would also turn into an animal in the bedroom!

I started my holiday in Kampala where I’d seen Ugandan XXX videos on a popular local Uganda porn site and I wanted to try out some of the naughty Kampala girls that I knew would love to take their clothes off for me in exchange for money.

As soon as I got there I called the black call girl I had found online, a quick 10-minute phone call later they were already sending a sexy ebony beauty to meet me at my hotel. She took my breath away with her huge tits and her perky round ass. It was like I hadn’t fucked a proper girl in years.

She knew how to use her body and her tongue and fingers on my cock, every stroke felt like a journey inside of me that sent shivers up and down my spine. I wanted to scream out loud and tell everyone what an amazing slut she was.

This black call girl was more than happy to get me off, not once did she try to stop me from doing anything I wanted to her, it was incredible! I couldn’t believe how wet she got herself when I started slapping her clit, you wouldn’t believe how many orgasms she gave me just from her pussy alone.

But she wasn’t done yet, this hot and horny ebony babe knew exactly what to do next, and what was even better is that she didn’t object to all the sexual fantasies I wanted to fulfill with her.

Thank you for giving me such a special experience in Kampala. The woman I met there made my whole trip worth it!

I’ll share what the other girls in this beautiful country felt like when I get off time from their Ugandan pussies.


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