Ugandan PornCelebsNTV Presenter Anne Nakawombe Nude Photos / Annie Nixon Porn Pics

NTV Presenter Anne Nakawombe Nude Photos / Annie Nixon Porn Pics

An NTV presenter, Anne Nakawombe nude photos leaked online recently. The naked photos of The Beat and Dance Party show producer have left many waggling their tongues.

This is the second time that allegations of Anne having her nudes leaked have occurred. In 2016, she was fired from her job at NTV after a video said to be that of her and her colleague fucking in the office surfaced.

This was later proved to be false. But the new leaks are very clear and it clearly shows it is Anne Nakawombe laying naked on the bed sleeping.

Anne Nakawombe Nude Photos

The Nakawombe porn pics show as the former presenter is laying naked on a king-size bed.

From the Uganda celebrity XXX pics, Anne was sleeping after she had had a steamy love-making session with her lover in an unknown hotel. The lover then took photos of her laying naked on the bed as she slept.

In the nude pics, Anne’s sexy Ugandan boobs and sexy body are seen in HD. She is also seen holding her pussy even as she sleeps.

Here are the Anne Nakawombe XXX pics:

Anne Nakawombe Naked Photos Anne Nakawombe Sleeping nude Photos Former NTV Uganda presenter naked pics Anne Nakawombe Porn Photos

Anne now joins a long list of leaked celebrity porn photos and videos from Uganda and East Africa. While we know who leaked the xxx photos (Edgar Luvusi), we can all agree that Anne has a very fuckable body.

More Anne Nakawombe Naked XXX Photos

One of our best fans has sent some more photos of the NTV Dance Party Producer. The photos were sent to us via email and here they are.

NTV Uganda Presenter Porn Pics NTV Uganda Lady XXX Pics Ann Pussy Pics Uganda TV Presenter Naked Photos

Do you think the second batch of photos is really those of Annie Nixon??

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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